Who’s that girl?

(Senorita, mas figa!) (Pls imagine Madonna singing at full blast here)

Name: Roby.

Age: Older than what everybody thinks. I admit my general silliness (and great body) does not help here.

Nationality: Italian. By birth. Not fully by mentality.

Place of residence: London, UK.

Marital status: Spinster. Or, to make me feel better, single. Single sounds cooler. As for cul, it varies a lot depending on the period.

Loves: Communication, elephants, dancing, soap bubbles, (adding comments between brackets), details, chocolate, questions, being lifted against the wall (for sexual purposes only).

Dislikes: Queuing, rats, people who love moaning, pumpkins, and so many other things but all modern yoga practices and mindfulness thinking tell you to concentrate on positive thoughts.

Good at: Listening, putting myself in surreal situations, going with the flow, sarcastic remarks, occasional wordplays, making people laugh.

Very good at: Eating, partying, drinking Prosecco, laughing at myself, looking for love in all the wrong places.

Not so good at: blow drying, telling a story in short, ironing.

Completely hopeless at: even simply finding the minimum motivation to reading an instruction booklet, all IT related issues, DIY.

Interesting things about me: I look Chinese in the morning.

Biggest fears: To discover on the verge of death that I have never really lived. And to meet someone with 6 toes.


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