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For those of you who follow my Facebook page, or that know first hand about my dating misadventures, Potato Masher is not a new name.
The nickname comes from the fact that I met him by selling him… you guessed, a potato masher on Shpock, an app for second-hand stuff. Yes, my dating sources seem to be limitless, though the result is pretty much always the same. Continue reading SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK



Lovestruck. Absolutely, totally, almost comically lovestruck.
God knows (well, I know it, too) how many times I see men that I think are cute, sweet, have something about them, are fascinating, charming, sexy, handsome. When I lay my eyes on one of them, all sorts of thoughts get triggered. Not necessarily sexual, but the point is that my mind is generally losing itself in multiple scenarios, possibilities, dialogues, images, sensations, dreams. Continue reading WHO IS THE CRAZY ONE?


Such a simple question, and yet one that many men fail to ask, even when they are terrified at the idea of babies. In the last year I have been at the centre of two quite unpleasant situations, that left me both really baffled by how a person can reach adulthood remaining so immature. Continue reading ARE YOU ON THE PILL?


If my blog were to faithfully mirror what’s happening in my life, this post should be about what I’ve learnt regarding the estate market. Online dating? Forget about it! Who has time for it anymore? These days I’m spending all my spare time checking Zoopla and Rightmove for my next flat to buy.
On TimeOut last week it was written that “Rightmove is like Tinder for married couples”, a sentence that made me smile because I know how addictive both can be.
There you go, then, that’s the link from the estate property world to the love and dating one, and so let’s elegantly move to today’s post. Continue reading WHAT I’VE LEARNT ABOUT SEX (PART 2)