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For those of you who follow my Facebook page, or that know first hand about my dating misadventures, Potato Masher is not a new name.
The nickname comes from the fact that I met him by selling him… you guessed, a potato masher on Shpock, an app for second-hand stuff. Yes, my dating sources seem to be limitless, though the result is pretty much always the same. Continue reading SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK


WHAT I’VE LEARNT ABOUT LSD (Love Sex Dating, you druggie!)

In the last two months I’ve had the chance to hang out with a few women almost 10 years younger than me, and inevitably when you have two or more women together the most discussed topics have (surprisingly!) been relationships, dating and love. I’ve realized that in talking with them I was feeling a bit… I don’t wanna say “wiser”, but of course, necessarily, more experienced. Continue reading WHAT I’VE LEARNT ABOUT LSD (Love Sex Dating, you druggie!)