As promised, here we go with the first of a series of men I’ve met in these last months, all met in different ways and places, that all however seem to be magically linked by the fact that…
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Hello again! The sun is finally shining in London, uplifting our moods, probably improving our social life and damaging the working one at the same time, and, at least for me, is giving me renewed energies. I therefore would like to ride this energy wave and catch up with my blog, that I haven’t been able to write for the past few months as I’ve been busy with the flat hunt, some new jobs and other personal issues. Continue reading DOES IT MATTER WHERE YOU MEET MEN?

Coraggio di Amare

Questo post mi ha così emozionato, che voglio condividerlo. Chi mi consoce, mi può vedere esattamente in tante parti, specialmente nella conclusione!


Scrivo questo post per rispondere all’email di Giorgio (nome di fantasia), un ragazzo che deambulaconlestampelle, che legge il mio blog e che mi ha scritto chiedendomi come mai io non abbia mai parlato delle dinamiche sentimentali per chi è disabile, per chi non incarna il modello di “bellezza statuaria che ci viene quotidianamente imposto”. Mi ha detto che vorrebbe conoscere il mio punto di vista, perché secondo lui il mio punto di vista sarebbe brillante, sagace e intelligente. Così ho deciso di scrivere questa risposta, anche se forse non sarà all’altezza delle sue aspettative.


Caro Giorgio,

il fatto che io non abbia mai parlato di disabilità, non vuol dire che io questo tema non lo conosca o non lo osservi. Al contrario, forse, è per me fin troppo delicato, tocca un nervo molto scoperto nella mia emotività, al punto che la tua sola email ha…

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Hello everyone! I’m back, or so I’d like to think, as only time will tell if I’m able to update you regularly with my surreal experiences and convoluted thoughts on love, sex and dating. The last few months have been very busy (who needs doing extreme sports, when you can go flat hunting in London?), hence my disappearance from the blogging scene. Continue reading ONE MORE WAY TO ZOJULISE


If my blog were to faithfully mirror what’s happening in my life, this post should be about what I’ve learnt regarding the estate market. Online dating? Forget about it! Who has time for it anymore? These days I’m spending all my spare time checking Zoopla and Rightmove for my next flat to buy.
On TimeOut last week it was written that “Rightmove is like Tinder for married couples”, a sentence that made me smile because I know how addictive both can be.
There you go, then, that’s the link from the estate property world to the love and dating one, and so let’s elegantly move to today’s post. Continue reading WHAT I’VE LEARNT ABOUT SEX (PART 2)

WHAT I’VE LEARNT ABOUT LSD (Love Sex Dating, you druggie!)

In the last two months I’ve had the chance to hang out with a few women almost 10 years younger than me, and inevitably when you have two or more women together the most discussed topics have (surprisingly!) been relationships, dating and love. I’ve realized that in talking with them I was feeling a bit… I don’t wanna say “wiser”, but of course, necessarily, more experienced. Continue reading WHAT I’VE LEARNT ABOUT LSD (Love Sex Dating, you druggie!)

WHAT IF IT’S HIM? (Part 2)

I smile at him, and he looks a bit puzzled (not a great beginning). I haven’t really thought about what I am going to tell him. Normally, in those situations I just say whatever I have in my mind, which is generally A LOT, also because I have a problem with being transparent and open, and I end up explaining sometimes a long chain of thoughts. Continue reading WHAT IF IT’S HIM? (Part 2)

WHAT IF IT’S HIM? (part 1)

My mum has always told me: “Never ever think you can change a man”. But this has nothing to do with today’s post, so let’s move to her other favourite pill of wisdom, that is indeed more relevant. “Ideals don’t exist in real life. You’ll end up with someone that initially you probably didn’t even like”.
True. After all, it’s personality that wins me. A cheeky smile, some banter, an interesting remark, the choice of an unusual word, a low threshold of embarrassment, and so on, and so on. Continue reading WHAT IF IT’S HIM? (part 1)


I never thought the day would have come when I would go against my idols as a teenager, but I’ve lately been thinking that the Take That completely made a blunder with their hit “Everything changes”.

To all appearances, it seems the boyband is initially reinforcing popwise what Heraclitus had said a few years before with his Pantha Rei. Everything flows, everything changes. Continue reading THE TAKE THAT HAD IT WRONG


…And so, off I go to my first date of 2016, started under the sign of abandonment on the dance floor and bisexuality.
I ask Andrew, should he change idea about seeing me, to kindly let me know, because being cheated into hopelessly waiting for a guy twice in a weekend is just too much even for me. We exchange a few texts, he calls me, he has booked a table… All positive signs. Continue reading IF A GOOD BEGINNING MAKES A GOOD ENDING… Part 2