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This post is going to be about friendship and the twisted mechanisms that push friends to discourage you and kill your enthusiasm and projects with their negative views. An acquaintance of mine (who whoever seems to be quite a faithful reader of this blog), has scolded me because I’m not being faithful to the name of my blog. “Where’s the sex? Where’s the dating?”, he complained. Continue reading THE CRAB MENTALITY



Such a simple question, and yet one that many men fail to ask, even when they are terrified at the idea of babies. In the last year I have been at the centre of two quite unpleasant situations, that left me both really baffled by how a person can reach adulthood remaining so immature. Continue reading ARE YOU ON THE PILL?


There is a big, full, bright, amazing moon over London tonight, and I feel a bit romantic.
Its peaceful, pale presence lulls my thoughts and takes them away from all the complications of modern dating. I shut my mind to issues like guys who ghost you, who send you completely unsolicited dick pics, who turn out to be first polyamorous, then pansexual, because bisexual is so 2014… Continue reading WHAT IS LOVE?


To you, who have perfectly organised your day ahead, juggling so many things in order to find time to see him, to then receive a dry text by him two hours before your date: “I can’t make it tonite”, without any apology, or a suggestion to reschedule it;

To you, who despite having sworn to yourself you were done with those apps, find yourself opening one because it’s just too hot, because the summer is approaching and it would be great to find a special someone to enjoy those balmy evenings with; Continue reading TO YOU, I WANNA SAY…