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Lovestruck. Absolutely, totally, almost comically lovestruck.
God knows (well, I know it, too) how many times I see men that I think are cute, sweet, have something about them, are fascinating, charming, sexy, handsome. When I lay my eyes on one of them, all sorts of thoughts get triggered. Not necessarily sexual, but the point is that my mind is generally losing itself in multiple scenarios, possibilities, dialogues, images, sensations, dreams. Continue reading WHO IS THE CRAZY ONE?



That Tuesday I’m on my way to dancing the night away when I receive his text, a very long one.
Yet, it only takes 3 lines to change my mood entirely. It’s like a big, dirty truck has stopped in front on my cute and colourful Mini Cooper, and offloaded a staggering amount of shit all over my car. With me inside. Continue reading “BECAUSE” SEEMS TO BE THE HARDEST WORD – Second Part


For my birthday a month ago, a friend of mine gave me a special treatment, something I had never tried before (oh, yes, there are still things I haven’t tried!) and that he judged was appropriate for the great period I was (am?) living.
Three months of backpacking in Asia have taught me a lot of things. About the world, about people and, above all, about myself. I came back with the clear realisation that I’m stronger than I think, more resourceful that I have ever imagined, and feeling so empowered about the whole experience where, for 80 days, I was the master of all my moods. Continue reading “BECAUSE…” SEEMS TO BE THE HARDEST WORD – First Part


Here I am, feeling the need to write about what has happened to me in the past month, about a special encounter that, you guessed it, has died before having the chance to turn into something more meaningful.
This time, however, I realise I’m writing for a new reason.
I’ve just re-read the section “Why this blog”, where I explained why I wanted to open this blog and what pushes me to write. So far, my main motivations have been: Continue reading “BECAUSE…” SEEMS TO BE THE HARDEST WORD – Introduction


There is a big, full, bright, amazing moon over London tonight, and I feel a bit romantic.
Its peaceful, pale presence lulls my thoughts and takes them away from all the complications of modern dating. I shut my mind to issues like guys who ghost you, who send you completely unsolicited dick pics, who turn out to be first polyamorous, then pansexual, because bisexual is so 2014… Continue reading WHAT IS LOVE?


To you, who have perfectly organised your day ahead, juggling so many things in order to find time to see him, to then receive a dry text by him two hours before your date: “I can’t make it tonite”, without any apology, or a suggestion to reschedule it;

To you, who despite having sworn to yourself you were done with those apps, find yourself opening one because it’s just too hot, because the summer is approaching and it would be great to find a special someone to enjoy those balmy evenings with; Continue reading TO YOU, I WANNA SAY…


Ladies, lift your hands if you haven’t thought of how romantic it would be to meet the man of your life on a train, or on a boat. Or, given the globetrotters we all are by now, on a plane. Last year I went on a dating trip called “The love train”, where 100 single men and 100 single women were put on the same train leaving from King’s Cross Station and headed to York, in the hope that some love stories might blossom during the journey. Well, if they did, they blossomed for others (just for a change), so I have kind of abandoned idealising the train. But airplanes, well, they still retain their charme. Continue reading PINA COLADA


Hello again! The sun is finally shining in London, uplifting our moods, probably improving our social life and damaging the working one at the same time, and, at least for me, is giving me renewed energies. I therefore would like to ride this energy wave and catch up with my blog, that I haven’t been able to write for the past few months as I’ve been busy with the flat hunt, some new jobs and other personal issues. Continue reading DOES IT MATTER WHERE YOU MEET MEN?

Coraggio di Amare

Questo post mi ha così emozionato, che voglio condividerlo. Chi mi consoce, mi può vedere esattamente in tante parti, specialmente nella conclusione!


Scrivo questo post per rispondere all’email di Giorgio (nome di fantasia), un ragazzo che deambulaconlestampelle, che legge il mio blog e che mi ha scritto chiedendomi come mai io non abbia mai parlato delle dinamiche sentimentali per chi è disabile, per chi non incarna il modello di “bellezza statuaria che ci viene quotidianamente imposto”. Mi ha detto che vorrebbe conoscere il mio punto di vista, perché secondo lui il mio punto di vista sarebbe brillante, sagace e intelligente. Così ho deciso di scrivere questa risposta, anche se forse non sarà all’altezza delle sue aspettative.


Caro Giorgio,

il fatto che io non abbia mai parlato di disabilità, non vuol dire che io questo tema non lo conosca o non lo osservi. Al contrario, forse, è per me fin troppo delicato, tocca un nervo molto scoperto nella mia emotività, al punto che la tua sola email ha…

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