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There is a big, full, bright, amazing moon over London tonight, and I feel a bit romantic.
Its peaceful, pale presence lulls my thoughts and takes them away from all the complications of modern dating. I shut my mind to issues like guys who ghost you, who send you completely unsolicited dick pics, who turn out to be first polyamorous, then pansexual, because bisexual is so 2014… Continue reading WHAT IS LOVE?



As promised, here we go with the first of a series of men I’ve met in these last months, all met in different ways and places, that all however seem to be magically linked by the fact that…
Well, I’m not gonna spoil it for you. 😉 Continue reading MR ACORN


Hello again! The sun is finally shining in London, uplifting our moods, probably improving our social life and damaging the working one at the same time, and, at least for me, is giving me renewed energies. I therefore would like to ride this energy wave and catch up with my blog, that I haven’t been able to write for the past few months as I’ve been busy with the flat hunt, some new jobs and other personal issues. Continue reading DOES IT MATTER WHERE YOU MEET MEN?


Hello everyone! I’m back, or so I’d like to think, as only time will tell if I’m able to update you regularly with my surreal experiences and convoluted thoughts on love, sex and dating. The last few months have been very busy (who needs doing extreme sports, when you can go flat hunting in London?), hence my disappearance from the blogging scene. Continue reading ONE MORE WAY TO ZOJULISE

WHAT IF IT’S HIM? (Part 2)

I smile at him, and he looks a bit puzzled (not a great beginning). I haven’t really thought about what I am going to tell him. Normally, in those situations I just say whatever I have in my mind, which is generally A LOT, also because I have a problem with being transparent and open, and I end up explaining sometimes a long chain of thoughts. Continue reading WHAT IF IT’S HIM? (Part 2)

WHAT IF IT’S HIM? (part 1)

My mum has always told me: “Never ever think you can change a man”. But this has nothing to do with today’s post, so let’s move to her other favourite pill of wisdom, that is indeed more relevant. “Ideals don’t exist in real life. You’ll end up with someone that initially you probably didn’t even like”.
True. After all, it’s personality that wins me. A cheeky smile, some banter, an interesting remark, the choice of an unusual word, a low threshold of embarrassment, and so on, and so on. Continue reading WHAT IF IT’S HIM? (part 1)


…then my dating in 2016 should be definitely original and innovative (I’m looking at the bright side here). Shall we also throw in some bisexuality?

My friends in the past often commented that some things can happen only to me, and I agree.
I don’t know anyone else that is as curious as me, and this curiosity makes me want to explore as many new personal worlds as possible. Coupled with this curiosity, there is a very high threshold of embarassment, and the belief that most people deserve a second chance. Continue reading IF A GOOD BEGINNING MAKES A GOOD ENDING…



I’ve heard it so many times, from quite a few friends. “Maybe London makes things more complicated, dating wise”. In the end, listening to yet another dating misadventure, what can they say? “All your stories end up badly because you look like a walking disused toilet that not even a bottle of bleach would like to go near to”? No, they are your friends, so they reassure you that it has nothing to do with your looks (Pls note that the line: “We are in London, they like girls of all sizes!” is not that comforting). Continue reading DOES LONDON COMPLICATE THINGS WHEN DATING?